Climate change and a community

Climate change is a threat to our planet now. Ecological imbalance, global warming, greenhouse effect etc. are much talked throughout the world in recent years. These problems are acute in industrially developed countries.  An agreement to set a goal of…

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Sanctity of a dominant digit

In my childhood I was taught the Bengali numbers in an interesting way. It was somewhat related to Sanatan Hindu theological knowledge. My teacher read out ek (one) chandra (the moon), dui (two) paksha (fortnight), tin (three) netra (eye), char…

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Shankha, pala, loha and sindoor in Hinduism

Hindu married women usually wear shankha (white bangles made of conch shell), pala (red bangles made of red coral), loha (iron bangles) and sindoor (vermilion). Many saints belonging to Sanatan Hindu society also wear sindoor on their forehead. In some…

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