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This site is made for the spiritual development of the Sanatan Hindu devotees as well as  all others who are eager to know ins and outs of Sanatan Hinduism. It is actually a platform for its readers and talkers interested in all kinds of positive discussions regarding Hinduism. The site authority gives importance mainly on Sanatan(Hindu) scriptures,  Sanatan(Hindu) Sages,  Sanatan(Hindu) shrines,  Sanatan(Hindu) myth, Sanatan(Hindu) festivals and rituals, Hinduism and science etc. All devoted talkers or readers living worldwide can send their articles on those topics and comment on any article published on this site. No political or communal articles, opinions or comments are published on this site as the site authority respects all established  religions and religious views of this planet. The authority reserves all rights to edit every thing sent by all talkers or readers.


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