Question:Why do some Hindus keep Shikha on their heads?

Answer:Shikha is a tuft of hair kept at the back of head. It is a Hindu religious convention. The Hindu Brhamanas and Vaishnavas usually keep Shikha on their heads. The Shikha might be any length but it is seen around 1.5 inches (5-6 cm). The Hindu scholars explain the reasons of keeping Shikha in many ways. But there is a common logic among these. At the point of bodily death a spirit of the living element leaves the materialistic body through mouth, nose and so on. It depends on the Karma (activities). But when a true devotee leaves his materialistic body, Almighty God pulls the spirit from the top most Chakra of his body which is placed on the head under the Shikha. According to Hindu spiritual texts, the spirit of a true devotee goes to the high planet of Spiritual world.

Question: Why do some Hindus keep Shikha on their heads?
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