Buddham Saranam Gacchami

Bhagawan Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), the founder of Buddhism and ninth avatar (incarntion) of Hindu god,Vishnu are worshipped directly or indirectly by the devotees of both religions on this planet. I always await his divine grace of darshan (an opportunity to…

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A Tribute To Ram Thakur

Bengal has been blessed with many mystic saints, yogi and spiritual teachers from time to time. Shri Shri Ram Thakur or Ramchandra Chakraborty was one of them. He was born in a Hindu Brahmin Bidyalankar family at Dingamanik in Faridpur…

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Harichand and His Matua Mission

Shri Shri Harichand Thakur was a great spiritual leader of Bengal. He initiated a new concept or philosophy of spiritual liberation named Matuaism. He worked hard throughout his life to establish his Matuaism. Now Harichand and his Matua mission is…

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