Our temples and tourism (Part-II)

In ‘Our temples and tourism (Part-I)’ I focused on the Shakti Peethas of Bangladesh. Here, I would like to uphold some famous Sanatan Hindu temples of Bangladesh. These temples can be divided into four categories – Shakta temples, Shaiva temples,…

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Our temples and tourism (Part-I)

Ours is an ancient land of Sanatan Hindu religious tradition. For her geographical position Hinduism is always one of the ways of life here. So, hundreds of Sanatan holy places (Shakti peetha, temple, ashram or math, shmashan etc) concerned with…

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Two shrines for Vaishnav devotees

If a Vaishnav devotee utters the name of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the name of his birthplace (Navadwip) springs usually to his/her mind. But most of the devotees do not know the names of two important shrines related to the life and…

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Rup-Sanatan at remote Ramsara

In 1984, a Krishna devotee named Shree Gour Mallick was divinely commanded in a dream to set up a temple at a particular holy place(Prembag) where Shreel Rup Goswami and Shreel Sanatan Goswami stayed in the past. Another devotee named…

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